Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Beautiful Bump in the Night

Most of us expectant mums put so much focus on what to wear and how we'll look during the daytime, we forget or simply don't care what we throw on once under the covers. Now though, with an influx of new retailers focusing on maternity sleepwear, and the growing market for stylish pregnancy clothing, you can make your partner happy, or just feel sublimely comfortable yourself when the lights go down.

Any woman that has ever been pregnant will tell you that getting a good night's sleep can be quite an ordeal. Whether your baby is seemingly tap dancing their way through the night or frequent visits to the bathroom are keeping you awake, it's not much fun. To help you along, wearing clothing that feel comfortable is usually your number one priority. But, thanks to a definite evolution in maternity sleepwear that caters for fashion focussed women, you can forget the unfashionable nightwear of yesteryear and indulge in some modern sleepwear that will both leave you feeling better about yourself and guarantee a good night's rest. And if you play your cards right, you can find maternity sleepwear that provides the functionality and ease for breastfeeding once your baby is born.

Try searching for a vibrant camisole in jersey cotton, a great fabric for total comfort, or floral nightshirts that have a really snug fit around the body, providing added support while you sleep. Or what about a lacy nursing nightie made from a stretchy viscose or elastane material?

And with the pyjama look a standout trend on runways around the world for Spring Summer 12/13, women, pregnant or not, are giving a touch more thought to their afterhours wear.

The beauty of a comfortable set of pure cotton nursing pyjamas has several benefits; not only will they help you get a comfortable nights rest in the lead up to the birth, but with the ability to buy nursing pyjamas that offer breastfeeding convenience, they may well be the first item packed for your hospital stay.

Given the speed that high street retailers and online fashion houses bring the latest trends to market, it's as if stylish maternity sleepwear is walking off the runway, straight into our bedrooms.

Feeling like a yummy mummy doesn't have to start from the birth. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing and it should be celebrated. Look gorgeous and sleep easy in maternity sleepwear.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Top Red Wing Chukka Boots of 2012

The Red Wing shoe company is known for its long-lasting and very functional work boots. And even with its heavy-duty features, they have also managed to keep their products comfortable. Every pair is guaranteed to have the same craftsmanship and quality.

Red Wing boots are designed for today's hardworking people who are in need of reliable and durable footwear. They manufacture shoes with specific features such as slip-resistance, static-dissipative, non-metallic, and so much more. Another great thing about the company is that, unlike other manufacturers, their products are still handmade in America.

Below are the 2012 top Red Wing chukka boots for men:

Red Wing Heritage Work Chukka - This shoe is simply stylish and fully-functional at the same time. It is today's best-rated pair in the chukka category. Although it is a little bit pricey, it will surely last for a very long time considering the workmanship. It comes with many great colors such as the Briar Oil Slick.

It features rich leather uppers with detailed stitching for style. It only has 3 pairs of eyelets for secure fit and minimalist chukka look together with the flat collar. The lining and foot-bed are leather for comfort and in keeping your feet dry and warm. It also has the very popular rubber crepe out-sole for cushioning, and grip.

Red Wing Wabasha Chukka - One of today's most sought-after pair from Red Wing is the Wabasha because of its attractively classic looks. You will also have that nautical experience with its boat shoe influence. Its moccasin-toe design and contrast stitching really complement each other. Because of its low-top style, it is very easy to wear and very comfy.

It has a leather upper that softens over time. It is made available only in a couple of colors that would be perfect for summer or spring. This is a very durable footwear because of the double-welt construction. With its stylish looks and comfort due to the Vibram out-sole, the Wabasha would be the perfect everyday shoe.

Red Wing Beckman Chukka Boot - For corporate professionals who are looking for a classic-looking boot with a sleek finish, the Beckman would be perfect. It features a smooth quality leather upper that is very easy to clean and goes very well with its rounded-toe. It also has very impressive stitching and the wood-look mid-sole looks very handsome. It only has 2 pairs of eyelets and a flat collar for that minimalist chukka design.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to Wear Blue Skinny Jeans

Blue skinny jeans are quite trendy today, because a lot of girls find it chic, sexy and comfortable. It's something that you should have in your closet, because you can use it anytime. If you don't know how to wear it, you can always look into magazines, as well as browse through different websites online. These resources can guide you on how to put together a particular look. The good thing about blue skinny jeans is that you can pair it with various tops, shoes and accessories. If you are interested to learn more, here are some tips that can help you out:

• When you are wearing these kinds of pants, it's important that you match it with the right shoes. Those people who are tall and who have slim legs can wear any footwear with low heels. On the other hand, those who are shorter should wear wedges or stilettos. This will give an illusion that you have longer and leaner legs.

• Boots will work well with any height, just as long as they are snug fit. If you want to wear those that have heels, don't hesitate to do so. Just make sure that your boots will match your pants.

• Matching it with any top won't be a problem. Blue skinny jeans are usually paired with loose shirts or sleeveless. If you want to wear fitted blouses, its fine, just make sure that it doesn't emphasize your hips too much.

• It's really important to wear comfortable clothes, especially if you're working. Don't buy skinny jeans that are too tight for you. These things come in different sizes, so, choose something that you can easily wear. When you try them on, try to move around, so that you'll know if you'll have a difficult time moving while wearing it.

• If your pants are too long, don't wear them by scrunching up everything near your ankles. You can have them repaired through a seamstress. That way, you can wear them properly. The main point of wearing this kind of jeans is to emphasize your slim shape. If it's too long, it will defeat the purpose.

• Accessories like necklaces, bracelets and belts will always be a good addition to your outfit. These things will cut the simplicity of any look that you have. Just make sure that you don't wear too much, so that it won't be exaggerated. Try to balance things out; if you're going to wear layered chains on your neck, don't wear flashy bracelets. You should also use one color for your whole look. As much as possible, don't mix silver accessories with gold ones.

When you are choosing an outfit for a certain occasion or activity, make sure that it's comfortable. Don't settle for anything that's cute, but isn't easy to wear, because you'll end up keeping that garment in your cabinet. You should also be practical when you shop for clothes. Pick something that you can use, and don't base your decisions on what you see on other people. Try to be yourself and set your own style!

What You Need To Know About Olukai Sandals?

Sandals are popular shoes in the market and have been around for many decades. They are known to be comfortable and great to wear during summer. They come in a wide range and from different brands. Some of the most popular types that you will come across in the market today are Olukai Sandals. They are exceptional products from Hawaii. They feature unique craftsmanship and come in a wide range of styles and designs so as to meet the needs of different individuals. They are also environmentally friendly, made of high quality olukai materials, are soft and comfortable for the skin and are water resistant.
Olukai flip flops can be worn comfortably for the entire day. This is because the inner parts are made of high quality and soft materials for added comfort. Therefore, they provide all support that the feet needs when walking around. Moreover, they are known to be safe. They do not cause any skin irritation based on the type of materials used as well as manufacturing technologies used on the shoes. The sandals can be used all year round because they are waterproof therefore, offering enhanced protection to your feet.
Olukai Sandals and flip flops come in a wide range of styles. This is because there are those specially designed for women and there are those specially designed for men. Some of the most popular styles that you will find in the market today include:
• Olukai Humu
• Olukai Lomi
• Olukai Ohana
• Olukai Mahana and
• Olukai lani
Olukai flip flops also come in different leather varieties. This offers a wide selection from which, to choose a variety that serves your needs best. Flip flops and sandals from the company are also available in synthetic materials. Therefore, clients can always make a choice between synthetic or leather shoes depending on their personal needs. They are also available in a wide range of colors and in different sizes. However, when choosing sandals, it is essential to settle for the best fitting sandals that enhance your comfort whenever you step out for a walk.
How to buy your sandals?
Sandals and flip flops from Olukai are widely available in the market today. There are different specialty stores that offer the shoes. However, when it comes to buying a pair, it is imperative to make wise and informed choices. Choose an online retailer who is well reputed. It should offer high quality shoes to enable you to purchase a pair that can be used efficiently over a long haul. The store should also provide a wide selection and authentic shoes from the company. Avoid retailers that offer lucrative prices for their products. This is because such retailers may be dealing with counterfeit products and are luring clients with lucrative offers. Utilize client reviews to learn of the best retailers. You can also purchase a pair directly from the company to rest assured of quality and good shipment.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tips for Men`s Fashion

Gone are the days when men do not care about how they look and grab the first shirt they see. Most guys now know the importance of looking sharp and making a good impression. It opens many opportunities at work, dating, and meeting new people. This is why they take their time to search the internet, magazines, and catalogue for styling options. They even ask their female friends for advice on men's fashion.

Factors in Wearing the Right Outfit

In men's fashion, most Australian designers consider the material of the apparel. The manufacturer makes sure the fabrics used for the apparel are of high quality. They know that good fabrics are durable. Most designers advise that men reject clothing that wear out quickly.

Another factor they should consider is the details in the apparel and accessory they wear. These can influence their over-all look. This is why it's important for them to check the details before mixing and matching their clothes. Learning how to effectively colour coordinate is also a useful skill.

While most guys prefer dark coloured shirts, the ideal hues for spring and summer seasons are light pastel shades. White shirts, as always, never go out of style. Guys should make sure the colour flatters and brightens their skin tone. Their outfit should bring out their best features. Another challenge in men's fashion is prints and patterns. When matched with the right tops or pants, prints can create a fresh look. This task, however, can be tricky so most guys prefer solid colours instead. Striped shirts and crew neck shirts are popular choices because they are comfortable and go well with denim jeans or shorts.

Good tips from Australian designers

Here are some useful tips from Australian designers for men's fashion based on the event:

For a Special date:

Men should make an effort to dress up if they're planning to take someone special to a pricey restaurant. They should wear collared shirts without the tie and matched with suit pants. They can try wearing a coat over their shirts. For accessories, they should wear a good watch. Watches are perfect accessories for men and matches with anything. For footwear, they can try brogues- this adds spice to their look.

If their date is more casual, they can wear knits paired with good denims. They can also go for plain shirts and khaki shorts. With the right accessories like a good watch and leather bracelets, they can pull of a well-put look. They can wear topsiders for their footwear.

For Work:

If they are employed in a corporate company, it follows that they should steer clear from sneakers, oversized t shirts and tacky accessories. They should stick to tailored suit pants, shirts and jackets. Plaid or striped shirts never go out of style. Men can also wear shirts with plain solid colours and spice up their look by wearing a nice belt.

Wearing the right clothes at work can make a good impression on employers and clients. It shows professionalism, expertise, and confidence.

For hanging out with friends:

Men can choose to wear collared t shirts, khaki shorts and strappy sandals or topsiders. They can wear plain shirts with solid colours such as blue, green, black or grey. V-neck t shirts and crew neck shirts are popular choices. The rule of the thumb is the more comfortable they are, the better.